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College Vidya (together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, "College Vidya," "us," "we," or "our" or "the Company") is dedicated to the protection and handling of personal data in order to operate efficiently and effectively for the benefit of our stakeholders, customers, and the community. It is critical, however, that people's privacy be safeguarded by using authorised and suitable methods to handle personal data. As a result, we've put in referred to as policy.


This policy seeks to safeguard the personal data of our different stakeholders. This policy is intended to inform persons of the fundamental principles in the treatment by the firm of personal information ("personal data"), of individuals who visit, use, handle and/or transact via the website, as well as of a guest user and a browser (hence "you").


The objective of this policy is to define how College Vidya collects, uses and communicates data about you through the online interfaces we own and control, including but not limited to website and mobile apps (hereinafter the "website"). The aim of this policy is also to offer information on how College Vidya protects data security, transmits data and processes data subject requests. The Policy Control applies to all information systems in the company, including board members, directors, staff and other third parties that have access to College Vidya's personal data.


The firm also undertakes to guarantee that its workers follow these and other related rules. If third parties process information on behalf of College Vidya, the company strives to ensure that your personal information is constantly protected by such third parties.

College Vidya offers online and distance guidance ('individual or collectively referred to as the 'project'), selected and particularly created for higher education and the business. Unless otherwise indicated, this Privacy Policy applies to all of our services.

Data gathering sources

The firm collects data from the user or via the usage of our sites. Data is derived.

Sources of Data Collected

  • Register for different seminars, webinars or other outreach efforts provided by us
  • Request a quotation for the many goods and services we provide
  • Place your comments, complete any distributed customer surveys or engage online with our customer service
  • View our services or visit our online pages
  • Check out our website
  • When you are going for online scholarships examinations or other evaluations.

Data protection principles

Where a third party processes data on behalf of College Vidya, we try to ensure that your personal data is constantly protected from such third parties. We recognise that any personal data kept in the form of manual records and computers are to be processed, managed and regulated, stored and retained.

The Company will acquire and keep all personal data:

  • Gathered properly, legally and transparently for specified, stated and justifiable objectives
  • Be gathered for particular, clear, and lawful reasons
  • Be sufficient, relevant, and restricted to what is required for processing purposes
  • Keep up to date with precision. There will be every reasonable effort to ensure that incorrect information is immediately corrected or deleted
  • Be handled in a manner that guarantees acceptable personal data safety including protection from unauthorised or illegal processing, by means of suitable technological or organisational measures, accidental loss, destruction or damage
  • Comply with the appropriate laws and procedures for international data transfers of Personal Data.
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